Dominion Lending Signs Don Cherry

Don-Cherry-Dominion-Lending-Centres Dominion Lending Centers has inked Canadian hockey legend, Don Cherry, to a 2-year endorsement agreement.

Cherry will appear in a $2 million ad campaign starting the third week of September.

Don Cherry is best known for being the ‘flamboyant yin’ to Ron MacLean’s ‘yang’ on the popular Coach’s Corner segment on Hockey Night in Canada, which is the most watched sports telecast in the country.

DLC President, Gary Mauris, said “Don Cherry was a great fit for Dominion Lending Centres as the core demographic that he has most influence over is young families. Don was recently recognized as the 23rd most trusted Canadian by Readers Digest and was named one of Canada’s Top Ten Greatest Canadians.”

“Scotiabank and Tim Horton’s both have heavily invested in Hockey-related marketing due to the family demographic,” says Mauris. “I believe this will be a Pioneering move in the mortgage industry in Canada. We are moving to all 30 second commercials so that we can begin telling the public the story of what Mortgage Professionals do and the value we have to the consumer. The entire mortgage industry including our competitors, our lenders, insurers and associations are going to benefit from this game-changing initiative.”

It is certainly one of the biggest promotional campaigns we’ve heard to date in the brokerage industry.

  1. It took a new company like Dominion Lending Centres to come to the market and let the Canadian consumer know what we do as mortgage brokers!
    As an owner of mortgage company I know the costs of advertising and in particular tv advertising. DLC is the only national mortgage company that has a great vision and is actually doing something with it
    That’s why after 33 years as an Independant company we joined Dominion Lemding Centres
    Dominion Lending Centres will become a
    household name.
    It’s A Beauty
    It’s A Beauty!

  2. Hi gthom,
    I appreciate and understand your right to free speech. You seem to think you know a lot about our company so here are the facts:
    The Don Cherry campaign will cost more than $10 million dollars over the next 3 years. Yes, the talent fee is in the $250k per year range, but the real cost is the production and the airtime on CBC, CTV, Global, Hockey Night in Canada, Sportsnet and TSN.
    Our numbers have never been exaggerated. They are as follows:
    More than 1850 active mortgage agents across Canada.
    More than 200 licensed assistants and support staff.
    A head office team of 24 devoted people to grow our agents’ business.
    160 franchises with more than 300 street front locations.
    I would like to know who the 16 franchises are that have closed.
    We have had two owners pass away in the last 12 months, but both their operations have been taken over by their family members. We had one owner who got devastatingly sick and took a leave for extended medical treatment, and one office that we terminated in Alberta for misconduct and breach of agreement more than 2 years ago.
    The advertising fund update goes out to our entire network every quarter and any person in our company is welcome to any breakdown they require.
    We have zero debt, no lines of credit, own our buildings and are a very well funded company.
    We invest heavily in our business because we believe in network, our brand, our agents and owners.
    We definitely will pay the conversion costs when we bring over established producing teams including licensing, business cards, signage, etc. and we think this money is very well spent. That money does not come from our advertising fund, nor do our training events, our National DLC Universities, our Las Vegas conference, or any of the tools that we create and supply our agents. Our advertising fund is for advertising. Turn on your news, watch a hockey game or destination television and you will see where our dollars go. For the record, since signing Don Cherry our web traffic and agent leads have sky rocketed.
    I can be reached anytime at 604.939.8777 or via email to if you want to learn more about DLC.
    Next time, I would recommend getting the facts straight before you recklessly spread ill will, rhetoric, innuendo and malicious rumours.
    Gary Mauris
    Dominion Lending Centres

  3. Gary it’s commendable that you take the time and connect with people in public forums. With such misinformation on the internet it is surprising that so few industry leaders engage with the public. I’m at a competing firm and probably won’t be making a move anytime soon but I like your style and appreciate your comments. Marc

  4. Hey Marc, wow, thanks for the very kind words. I love what what I do and understand when competitors respond unfavorably. There is nothing easy about business and when a company flourishes in a flat industry some people become frustrated and engage in negative dialogue.
    For me it’s never been about competing against the other brokerages in Canada. Its about connecting with the 75% of Canadians that either don’t know what we do or misunderstand the competitive advantages of working with mortgage professionals.
    Do we build our model and hopefully attract experienced agents over to DLC, of course, that’s business but it never becomes personal for me.
    Marc,Thanks for taking the time to reach out and connect. track me down one day and come say hello.

  5. wow it’s too bad you signed that old right-wing kook Don Cherry and are spending all that money on media.
    Pretty much guarantees I’ll never be a customer, and if anyone asked me about your company I’d respond “why would you give your business to a company that has a crusty nut as a spokesperson?”.
    Go ahead and retract or rebut this comment……I figure you will.
    Time for this real estate bubble to burst.

  6. I’m sure DLC is really sorry to lose such a classy guy like you as a customer. [sarcasm]

  7. And he’s back,,,, “pukes, hypocrites, I don’t know mortgages, I was wrong” says Grapes! Too little too late or better late than never, does it matter, his side show antics no longer reflects the times. A reputable spokesperson I think not. He does garner attention though if that’s the kind you want.

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