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One Decade in the Books

Ten years ago this week, CMT sprang to life. What started as a consumer education site has transformed into a chronicle of what makes this business tick and its constant change.

We’ve reported on 2,800 stories since 2006 and my oh my, what changes we’ve seen since then—from the days of zero-down rentals, 95% LTV insured HELOCs and 40-year insured amortizations to today’s 20%-down uninsured rentals, 80% LTV uninsured HELOCs and (possibly soon to be) 25-year conventional amortizations.

A decade goes by quick and CMT has had a tremendous team along the way. My eternal thanks to:

  • a content editor who is second to none and embodies the 16-hour workday, Steve Huebl
  • our trusty copy editor Gina Fusco, whose definition of “maternity leave” is editing stories at 7:30 a.m.
  • the late Elizabeth McLister, who proofed every last word in the first four years, 
  • my amazing wife and broker, Melanie, for “paying the rent” while I do fun stuff like write, and
  • Mortgage Professionals Canada for its tremendous support of this publication.

We’ve had no shortage of spirited debates over the years, with a dash of controversy to keep things interesting. I’m not sure if I’ll make it another decade, but for now it stays fun. Whatever side of the mortgage debate you’re on, hopefully you’ve at least found the content stimulating.

Thanks for all your readership these past 10 years. Gratefully yours…….Rob